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Shonki Bros celebrates its 35 year anniversary 

Wed 20 Jan 2021 14:25:16

Shonki Brothers is celebrating its 35 year anniversary since opening its office on Leicester’s Narborough Road on 6 January 1986.

Offering property auctions, open market sales and lettings and property management, Shonki Brothers was founded in 1965 by the late Mr Amar Singh Shonki and is now run by Lal Sangra, company directory and late Mr Shonki’s son. When the well-known local estate agents opened up shop, Narborough Road was home to major retailers and it stayed this way into the early 2000s, however as years have passed, it has now become the hub for hairdressers and fast food restaurants. One thing that has remained, is the Shonki Brothers office, with a team of five offering expert assistance to landlords, buyers and vendors and catering to individual client needs.

The business remains family run, and has seen an excellent transformation since opening, selling millions of pounds worth of property over the years. It all started with a first house sale of £9,750 shortly after the office opened and within the same year, Sangra was able to achieve his first letting for £200 per calendar month. This was around the time the famous Shonki Brothers property auctions began, with customers originally visiting the office to bid. Business began to flourish, and as Shonki Brothers became more well known, the demand for auctions grew too. For over 20 years, the organisation has been holding auctions at Leicester City Football Club, to accommodate all of the interested buyers.

Moving venues is not all that’s changed for Shonki Brothers - its working platform has moved to computer software to keep up with current trends, as opposed to the conventional method of calculators and manually-typed statements when the office opened. The business has also seen it’s office revamped and through its success, has managed to grow its team, adding resource to best serve clients.

Shonki Brothers has achieved immense success in the past 35 years and shows no signs of stopping, with Sangra stating he would like to grow the business’s rental portfolio further and now more than ever, explore the world of online auctions. Although Covid-19 has posed challenges, the team is confident that by working with clients and colleagues, it will make it to the other side.

Sangra says:

“I am very pleased to have lasted a whole 35 years in the same office and surroundings! A few things have changed over the years to say the least, I used to have a whole head of hair which is no longer to be seen!! Along with colleagues and clients who have come and gone, however the foundations remain strong and with everyone’s help and assistance I hope we can continue to sustain a healthy running business. This current pandemic has bought about so many different challenges, we have tried to find ways of adapting and feel has though it has bought about some very positive changes as to how we operate. I hope we able to sustain the business for another 35 years!”

Whether you’re a first time buyer or looking to sell your property or investment, Shonki Brothers can help. Its personalised service and friendly team can help you find just what you’re looking for. Get in touch to learn more and work with the team.

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