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Unable to attend the Auction?

If you cannot attend the auction we offer alternative ways of bidding, this can be done either by telephone or proxy bidding. There is a form to fill out which can be found within the Auction catalogue and by clicking here. The forms will need to completed prior to the auction and given to our Auction team by 3.00pm on the day of the Auction.

Proxy biding

This is where you leave us with your maximum bid and a member of our auction team will bid up to that amount for you on the Auction day. It isn’t a case of us just submitting your maximum bid, however we will bid as and when prompted by the Auctioneer until we hit your maximum bid.

Telephone bidding

The difference with telephone bidding is that a member of our Auction team will call on the day of the Auction prior to the property being offered for sale. We will take your instructions over the phone and bid on your behalf.

In order to bid by either proxy or telephone bidding you must complete the Proxy/Telephone bidding form. As part of this you will be required to provide your identification (i.e. driving license or passport) and proof of address.

Another option that is available is to send someone to bid on your behalf. If this is the case this person will need written consent to bid on your behalf, they will also need to provide their own identification as well as copies of your identification. They must also be in a position to pay the 10% non-refundable deposit should you be successful

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